General conditions

General conditions of Fysio World Amsterdam

These General Conditions of Fysio World Amsterdam (hereinafter FWA) supersede all previous ones.

version: January 2018.

Article 1: Definitions.
In these general terms and conditions, including registration and payment terms and conditions, the following definitions shall apply:

FWA: the organization Fysio World Amsterdam, located in Amsterdam at Middenweg 67F 1098 AE in Amsterdam.
FWA: the movement concept offered to the participant and the various activities offered under the FWA name.
FWA facility: the physical location where training and sports coaching is offered.

Participant/member: natural person (m/f) aged 16 years or older, who participates in FWA fitness.
Trainee/ participant: natural person (m/f) or company in whose name the membership is administered, or the private person who has registered.
FWA shall hereinafter be referred to as FWA and the Participant shall hereinafter be referred to as Participant.

Article 2: General

1. The General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all offers, quotations, work, assignments and agreements between sports center and participant or their legal successors, respectively.

2. The present terms and conditions also apply to all assignments with participant, the execution of which requires the involvement of third parties.

3. If one or more of the provisions of these general terms and conditions are null and void or may be annulled, the other provisions of these general terms and conditions shall remain fully applicable. FWA and participant will then consult to agree on new provisions to replace the void or voided provisions, whereby if and to the extent possible the purpose and intent of the original provision will be observed.

Article 3: Application and access

a. Registration for FWA is made by participant completely filling out and handing in the registration form at the FWA front desk.

b. Membership and payment obligations begin when FWA receives the registration form. Active membership with FWA and direct debit by FWA shall commence as of the effective date as indicated by the participant on the registration form (subject to the provisions of clause 2.c). Payment by pin at the counter at FWA is among the options (automatic transfer monthly is preferred).

c. If the maximum number of participants is reached, the participant will be placed on a waiting list. The participant will be notified by FWA as soon as their membership can begin.

d. Family members of the participant are not allowed to use the FWA enrollment for fitness, this enrollment is per person and not transferable.

c. The participant must comply with the FWA house rules and must also follow the instructions given by the FWA staff. Serious offense(s) may include exclusion and expulsion. The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited, so is dealing in them. If suspected, FWA may decide to report it to the Police.

Article 5: Classification and use

a. FWA reserves the right to change the arrangement of training times in terms of place, time, programs, etc.

b. If the participant does not exercise the right to unlimited training or participate in course units and/or activities, which are part of FWA for which he/she is registered, no refund of the membership fee will be made.

c. The premature termination of the agreement by the participant is only possible free of charge on medical grounds, where a medical statement or other – to the satisfaction of FWA – valid evidence is required, (General Practitioner and or Specialist) this does not include the branch of Alternative Medicine.

FWA provides a Duration Reduction option. If the member decides to use the Duration Reduction option, FWA will recalculate the membership price owed by participant based on the remaining period (including the calendar month notice period) multiplied by the applicable flat rate of € ……. Euro per month. An indicative calculation of the fee for Duration Reduction can be requested at the FWA front desk. The final total fee due for Duration Reduction will be stated in FWA’s cancellation confirmation. A maturity reduction must be requested one calendar month in advance. By maturity reduction, FWA does not mean vacations and other similar days.

Article 6: Termination and Non-payment.

a. In case a direct debit has been agreed upon and for whatever reason it cannot be credited on time, FWA will notify you and offer the participant the option of paying by cash and or pin at the FWA front desk. If payment is not made, FWA will hand it over to a collection partner affiliated with FWA. Collection costs will then be charged on the outstanding balance, as well as the statutory interest through the WIK (Collection Costs Act 2012). All costs arising from any legal proceedings shall be borne by the debtor or participant.

b. The agreement is entered into for the duration of at least 3 months (10 rides card valid 3 months), in case an agreement is entered into for the duration of 1 year (annual card) then these costs must be paid in full, also in case a monthly payment period is agreed upon. Termination of any form of subscription must be made in writing at least 1 month before the expiration of the chosen form of subscription. Termination may be delivered in a sealed envelope at the front desk at FWA, or mailed to the above address.

c. FWA chooses to submit disputes should there be any to the competent court in Amsterdam.

Initials and date that participant has read general terms and conditions

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