Uncontracted healthcare

For maximum treatment freedom, Fysioplanet is not affiliated with health insurers. You pay for the consultations with Marco directly yourself.

However, the invoice is provided with certain care codes that indicate that it is an official, high-quality consultation. You can submit this invoice yourself to your health insurer. This may simply be fully or partially reimbursed. Marco may advise Physitrack for support. The use of Physitrack is free.

What does this

In recent years, less and less physical therapy has been reimbursed from basic insurance and supplementary insurance is becoming more expensive and limited. There is an increasing call on people’s own willingness and ability to provide for their physical care.

In order to treat freely, provide effective care and, above all, be results-oriented, our clients first satisfy the consultations themselves. This means that we have no additional agreements with health insurance companies regarding reimbursements and treatments. Your health insurance company may cover part of it.

Why is this

When working independently of health insurers, a different treatment dynamic emerges. Traditionally, health insurers charge in numbers of treatments. This creates an expectation pattern in the client and forces the physical therapist into a treatment pattern.

When these conditions are eliminated, a dynamic is created that involves steering toward becoming symptom-free as quickly and sustainably as possible. Greater demands are placed on client and therapist for successful treatment. In the year 2023, it is not unusual to be completely complaint-free within 3 to 5 treatments.


Can highly recommend Fysioplanet. Have always been helped very nicely and very professionally by Marco Spironello and colleagues. I struggled on and off with a fairly sensitive back (had lumbago and hernia-like symptoms) and a stiff neck. This was due to continuous overexertion from incorrect posture at the desk, in the car, etc.. Not only did they always manage to relieve my pain immediately but also made me aware of my posture problem and start working on that. Many thanks for this!


“For many years, when needed, I have known how to find this practice. Back pain, broken shoulder …… with Marco’s help I recovered. So when I recently after chemotherapy, the choice was quickly made. needed someone for advice and treatment after chemotherapy, the choice was quickly made. I found there the expertise I was looking for. Effective massages, targeted exercises that were always adjusted when my condition called for it.”

Why choose for Fysioplanet?

30 years of experience in orthopedic physiotherapy
Directly addressed by the digital consultation
Faster recovery through self-care
Physitrack for optimal support
Collaboration with Fysio World Amsterdam
No referral needed from primary care physician

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