Tendon Pain

Tendons are the strong connective tissue structures that connect muscles to bones and provide transmission of force during movement. Overuse, aging, injury or other factors can cause tendonitis.


How tendonitis


Overuse, repetitive motion, poor technique, insufficient recovery, degeneration due to aging and poor blood supply are some of the causes of tendonitis. The pain may arise from inflammation, strain or tear.

This can come from improper practice of a sport, as well as from daily movement done incorrectly. Tendonitis, such as inflammation, can also be caused without direct motion.

What types
are there and
do we treat?

There are many different types of tendon complaints, as well as the degree and severity of the complaint. These, of course, determine the method of treatment. Sometimes rest and exercises are enough, most of the time treatment is needed, and it also happens that more complex interventions are required. Our experience includes:

Tendinitis, in which the tendon becomes inflamed due to overuse
Tendinosis, in which tendon function and strength decrease without inflammation
Tendon ruptures, where the tendon tears partially or completely as a result of abrupt movement or when the tendon weakens
Tendon sheath inflammation, in which the enveloping protection of the tendon becomes inflamed
Tendon Bursitis, in which the bursa between the tendons and bones becomes inflamed

Tendon pain treatment
at Fysioplanet

When tendonitis is accompanied by prolonged pain or inflammation, it is wise to consult a physical therapist and possibly get treatment.

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