I am happy to tell you more about my background, experience and the reason I started with Fysioplanet.



I am passionate about helping individuals become symptom-free. To achieve this, it’s crucial to identify the underlying cause. Drawing on my 30 years of experience, I’ve become adept at quickly pinpointing the root of health issues. At Fysio World Amsterdam’s medical fitness exercise room, we’ve successfully assisted numerous patients in becoming stronger and preventing future issues.

This experience has taught me that accurate diagnosis and effective self-care are key factors in the success of any treatment. Moreover, the field of physical therapy is advancing rapidly, with prevention, self-care, and remote treatments becoming increasingly prominent in recent years.

Approaching 60, I am preparing to pass on my practice to my successors. This transition allows me to continue contributing to the profession I am deeply passionate about in an innovative manner.

Where can I
help with?

My specialty is orthopedic physical therapy. I am very familiar with all forms of muscle pain, joint pain and injuries.

Making a diagnosis or giving a second opinion, in part because of digital tools, has become quite workable in recent years.

Digital consultations (and possible treatment support with Physitrack) are seen by patients worldwide as positive and effective for reducing symptoms.

Moreover, great benefits are experienced in flexibility and time savings. That is why I work exclusively digitally at Fysio Planet. 


Can highly recommend Fysioplanet. Have always been helped very nicely and very professionally by Marco Spironello and colleagues. I struggled on and off with a fairly sensitive back (had lumbago and hernia-like symptoms) and a stiff neck. This was due to continuous overexertion from incorrect posture at the desk, in the car, etc.. Not only did they always manage to relieve my pain immediately but also made me aware of my posture problem and start working on that. Many thanks for this!


“For many years, when needed, I have known how to find this practice. Back pain, broken shoulder …… with Marco’s help I recovered. So when I recently after chemotherapy, the choice was quickly made. needed someone for advice and treatment after chemotherapy, the choice was quickly made. I found there the expertise I was looking for. Effective massages, targeted exercises that were always adjusted when my condition called for it.”

Why choose for Fysio planet?

30 years of experience in orthopedic physiotherapy
Directly addressed by the digital consultation
Faster recovery through self-care
Physitrack for optimal support
Collaboration with Fysio World Amsterdam
No referral needed from primary care physician

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