Work-related complaints

Work-related complaints, such as back, neck and shoulder complaints, are a common health problem in the modern workplace.

These complaints can arise as a result of working for a long time behind a laptop or computer screen, where incorrect posture and restriction of movement are often the culprits.


How arise
these complaints?

These complaints arise from the way we position our body while working.

When we sit in front of a laptop or computer screen for hours on end, it’s tempting to adopt a hunched back, hunched neck and hunched shoulders.

This leads to an unbalanced load on the muscles and joints in the back, neck and shoulders. Additionally, a lack of exercise and breaks during the workday can worsen these problems.

What types
of complaints

are there?

This incorrect posture and restriction of movement can lead to various specific complaints.

Back pain is often the result of a back that is too bent or too hollow, while neck pain is caused by the constant strain on the cervical vertebrae in a bent forward position.

Shoulder complaints arise from prolonged raising of the shoulders and can manifest themselves as pain, tension or even stiffness.

To prevent these complaints, it is important to pay attention to ergonomics, exercise regularly and take short breaks while working behind a laptop or computer screen.

Treatment of work-related complaints at FysioPlanet

If you recognize these complaints as a result of your working conditions and if they are accompanied by long-term pain, it is wise to consult a physiotherapist and possibly seek treatment.

Marco has extensive experience and knowledge in assessing and diagnosing complaints related to working conditions.

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