Orthopedics helps you recover after a serious injury, surgery or accident. Think of rehabilitation with a new knee or hip, as well as sports injuries.


What is

Orthopedic physical therapy is primarily focused on musculoskeletal complaints, particularly the muscles and joints. Here, these complaints are often caused by surgery, accident or injury and people are guided during the rehabilitation of this. In orthopedic physical therapy, we focus on restoring mobility, coordination, muscle strength, stability and endurance.

For who is

When working independently of health insurers, a different treatment dynamic emerges. Traditionally, health insurers charge in numbers of treatments. This creates an expectation pattern in the client and forces the physical therapist into a treatment pattern.

When these conditions are eliminated, a dynamic is created that involves steering toward becoming symptom-free as quickly and sustainably as possible. Greater demands are placed on client and therapist for successful treatment. In the year 2023, it is not unusual to be completely complaint-free within 3 to 5 treatments.

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