Joint pain

Joint pain is a common problem that affects people of all ages. Within orthopedic physical therapy, we focus on treating joint-related problems and reducing joint pain.


How emerges
joint pain?

Joint pain can result from a variety of causes, such as arthritis, injury, overuse or degenerative conditions. These symptoms can arise from wear and tear and aging, injury and overuse as well as inflammation. There are many different factors for joint pain that influence each other and depend on each person.

What types
joint pain
are there and
do we take care of?

The goal of our consultations and treatments is to improve mobility, restore function and reduce pain in joint problems. Treatment usually begins with a thorough evaluation, during which we discuss your medical history and, if necessary, perform a physical examination to assess the nature and severity of the joint problems.

An important part of treatment is counseling on ergonomics, posture, movement techniques and lifestyle changes to reduce stress on the joints and prevent more pain and injury. Our experience includes:

Arthritis (Inflammation in the joints)
Joint injuries due to ligament sprain, muscle and tendon strain or broken bones in and around the joints.
Inflammation of the bursa and bursitis
Tendon pain due to inflammation
Joint dysfunction

Joint pain treatment
at Fysioplanet

The specialists at Fysioplanet and Fysio World Amsterdam are experts on the musculoskeletal system and have extensive knowledge of the anatomy, biomechanics and function of joints. They are trained to identify the underlying causes of joint pain and create a customized treatment plan.


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