The digital consultation

Physical attendance at physical therapy is not always necessary. Much can be done remotely via video calling. Think progress talks or explaining exercises.


When a
digital consultation?

Have you suffered an injury while exercising, or are you traveling and need immediate help or advice? Specifically for athletes and travelers, we offer the digital injury consultation. This consultation will help you toward a faster recovery.

If you have just suffered an injury
If you want advice about a recurring injury
For a second opinion in a recovery process
When traveling
In a rehabilitation program
In conjunction with sports physical therapy and medical fitness

Whatsapp FysioPlanet

How does it work?

The digital injury consultation uses video calling and videos that can be played directly on your smartphone or computer. This is all possible with WhatsApp. So you don’t have to install any extra apps or click on external links, it’s that easy!

Any exercises can be done digitally via Physitrack (this will be explained during the consultation).

Here’s how the digital consultation works


Click on “book your consultation here.”

desktop: Right at the top of the screen
mobile: bottom right


Scheduling an appointment

Through the planning module


Appointment confirmation via email

Once you complete the booking you will receive a confirmation of the booking.


Additional confirmation message via whatsapp

Marco will send you a message via whatsapp with additional confirmation of date + time. You can then save the number.


The consultation

You will be called at the appointed time. This can be with or without video calling.

Would you like to be helped quickly and effectively?
Then schedule a digital consultation now