Specialized digital consultations for muscle pain, joint pain and sports injuries.
Fysioplanet provides only digital consultations, which is why you can get in right away.


30 years of experience in orthopedic physiotherapy


You can get in right away

Faster pain-free by steering for self-care

Optimal care wherever you are: Discover Our Digital Physical Therapy!

Are you on the road, enjoying a well-deserved vacation, or are you a proud expat exploring the world?

At Fysio Planet we understand that life is in motion and that you do not always have access to your trusted physiotherapist. Our digital consultations are therefore the alternative when you need advice on physical complaints.

Our digital consultations are quick, easy and tailored to your needs. Thanks to remote guidance and effective self-care, we can reduce many physical symptoms so that you can continue to enjoy your trip or stay abroad without interruptions.

Why choose digital physiotherapy at Fysio Planet?

Accessibility: Our digital consultations are always at your fingertips, regardless of your location. Make an appointment without waiting or travel time.
Personal attention: Fysioplanet provides appropriate care, taking into account your specific needs and goals.
Body Awareness: Learn to better understand and control your body with expert guidance, even at a distance.
Flexibility: Fit our consultations into your busy schedule at your convenience.

Whether you suffer from travel-related complaints, are recovering from an injury, need to improve your work ergonomics or just want to work on your overall well-being, our digital physical therapy is the perfect solution for traveling people like you.

Find out how we can help you relieve pain, improve mobility and continue your journey without worry.

About Fysio planet

My name is Marco Spironello and I have been working as a physiotherapist and practice owner for over 30 years. With my practice Fysio World Amsterdam, I and my team have helped many people over the last decades to reduce physical complaints, joint pain and injuries.

I specialize in treating muscle pain, joint pain and sports injuries. At Fysio World Amsterdam, innovation has always been at the forefront of the development of treatment methods for orthopedic complaints. This knowledge and experience shapes Physioplanet and our approach: We provide digital consultations and direct self-care.

Marco Spironello Fysio Planet

Why and when a digital consultation?

Have you suffered an injury during sports, or do you keep suffering from recurring symptoms? Do you want to quickly resume your sport, return to your old level or move pain-free? A digital consultation will help you toward a faster recovery.

If you’ve just suffered an injury.
If you want advice about a recurring injury
For a second opinion in a recovery process
When traveling
In a rehabilitation program
In conjunction with sports physical therapy and medical fitness

Self-care for faster recovery

Self-care and prevention have been shown to make one recover more quickly from symptoms and be less likely to recur. At Fysio Planet this is the core of the treatments. A proper diagnosis can be made with the right questions and identification of lifestyle and environmental factors.

Then it’s up to you, by modifying behavior and doing specific exercises. These can be instructions from Marco or with support from an app like Physitrack. With this app, you have all the exercises and instructions in clear videos on your phone. Marco may explain this during the online consult. 

What complaints can I help you with?


Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common among both professional athletes and recreational athletes.


Tendon Pain

Tendons are the strong connective tissue structures that connect muscles to bones


Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is a common symptom that occurs after physical activity or exercise.


Joint Pain

Joint pain is a common problem that affects people of all ages.


Can highly recommend Fysioplanet. Have always been helped very nicely and very professionally by Marco Spironello and colleagues. I struggled on and off with a fairly sensitive back (had lumbago and hernia-like symptoms) and a stiff neck. This was due to continuous overexertion from incorrect posture at the desk, in the car, etc.. Not only did they always manage to relieve my pain immediately but also made me aware of my posture problem and start working on that. Many thanks for this!


“For many years, when needed, I have known how to find this practice. Back pain, broken shoulder …… with Marco’s help I recovered. So when I recently after chemotherapy, the choice was quickly made. needed someone for advice and treatment after chemotherapy, the choice was quickly made. I found there the expertise I was looking for. Effective massages, targeted exercises that were always adjusted when my condition called for it.”

Why choose for Fysioplanet?

30 years of experience in orthopedic physiotherapy
Directly addressed by the digital consultation
Faster recovery through self-care
Collaboration with Fysio World Amsterdam
No referral needed from primary care physician

Would you like to be helped quickly and effectively?
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