Sports injuries

Sports injuries are common among both professional athletes and recreational athletes. Injuries can range from mild sprains that resolve within a few days to serious injuries that have a major impact on sporting performance and daily life.


How did it originate?
Sports injuries

Sports injuries can occur as a result of sudden movements, overload, poor technique, too little warming up or insufficient recovery between training sessions. Sprains of ligaments and strains or tears of muscles and tendons are the most common injuries that can occur during sports. This includes jumps, twists and abrupt stops during football, basketball, tennis and skiing.

What types
sports injuries
are there and
do we treat?

There are many different types of sports injuries, as well as the degree and severity of an injury. These, of course, determine the method of treatment. Sometimes rest and exercises are enough, most of the time treatment is needed, and it also happens that more complex interventions are required. We have experience with, among others:

Sprains, where the ligaments are stretched or torn.
Strain of muscles and tendons, such as the hamstrings and calf muscles.
Muscle cramps in which a muscle or muscle group contracts uncontrollably.
Knee injuries, with injury to the meniscus or torn cruciate ligaments.
Shoulder injuries, such as shoulder instability or inflammation.
Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.
Back injuries, ranging from muscle strains to hernias and spinal fractures.

Sports injuries treatment
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When sports injuries are accompanied by long-term pain or inflammation, it is wise to consult a physiotherapist and possibly undergo treatment. Marco has extensive experience and knowledge in assessing and diagnosing sports injuries.

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