Muscle soreness

Muscle soreness is a common symptom that occurs after physical activity or exercise. It can range from mild stiffness to intense pain in the muscles, and it can affect people of all ages and fitness levels. Muscle pain is usually caused by microscopic damage to the muscle fibers and surrounding tissue.


How does
Muscle soreness emerge?

When we strain our muscles during sports or other intensive physical activities, small tears occur in the muscle fibers. These tears can lead to inflammation and the release of chemicals that stimulate pain receptors in the muscles. The stiffness and pain we feel here is called muscle pain.

What types
of muscle pain
are there and how
do we take care of them?

Muscle pain can be classified into a number of main types and causes. These, of course, determine the method of treatment. Usually rest and exercises are sufficient, sometimes treatment is necessary and it also happens that more complex interventions are required. We have experience with, among others:

Acute muscle pain that occurs immediately after physical exertion. This can be caused by overload or an injury.
Delayed muscle pain (also known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) that occurs a few days after physical exertion. This happens a lot after intensive strength training.
Overload Muscle pain due to training with too much weight or too much repetition.
Traumatic muscle pain due to an injury to the muscles. This can be caused by a strain or tear.
Muscle pain due to medical conditions, such as viral infections or inflammatory diseases.

Muscle pain treatment
at Fysioplanet

If muscle pain is accompanied by an injury, long-term pain or inflammation, it is wise to consult a physiotherapist and possibly undergo treatment.

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