Physiotherapy for Wrist Pain

We see a group of patients with wrist complaints every year. This ranges from a severe sprain to a fracture, sometimes with surgery. Whatever the wrist symptoms are, it is important to address them seriously because you want full rehabilitation.

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    What wrist problems can we help you with?

    Our practice specializes in the care of orthopedic complaints and orthopedic rehabilitation. An important part of this care is counseling people with wrist and elbow problems. For example, we help our clients with:

    Wrist, forearm and elbow fractures (fractures)
    Tennis and golfers’ elbow
    Wrist instability complaints
    Thumb osteoarthritis
    Preparing for surgery
    Rehabilitating after surgery

    Because our practice has orthopedic rehabilitation as its focus area, our therapists are more experienced and better trained, allowing us to better help you make a quick and full recovery.

    Wrist complaints

    This is how our care process works

    STEP 1

    Intake interview

    STEP 2

    Physical examination

    STEP 3

    The treatment phase

    STEP 4

    The Closure

    Wrist pain treatments

    Complaints can be treated in different ways. After the intake, a physical examination takes place. After this examination, we can make an accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan. This treatment plan may consist of the following components.

    Mobility exercises/passive mobilization
    Strength exercises
    Stability exercises
    Sports Taping/ Medical Taping
    Sports-specific training or ultrasound/shockwave

    Wrist pain treatment

    These therapists are at your service

    Kelsey Preuss

    Kelsey Preuss

    Sports physiotherapy

    Why Fysio World Amsterdam?

    Physio World Amsterdam specializes in assisting people during their orthopedic rehabilitation. Our care has a number of characteristics:

    Highly educated physiotherapists
    Additional training in the field of orthopedics
    Lots of experience with orthopedic complaints
    Personal attention to our client

    This is exactly why we are allowed to assist more and more people in recovering from surgery or sports injuries.

    Our therapists create a personalized treatment plan with all of our clients that we tailor to the client’s goals and abilities.

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