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Corpus VR for head, neck and shoulder pain
Our practice offers Virtual Reality (VR) treatment for head, neck and shoulder pain. We use Corpus VR for this purpose in addition to the normal treatment. The Corpus VR method is used for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and relaxation. Our goal with Corpus VR is to get you moving again, both physically and mentally in a fun way. Get rid of the boring exercises! We can make this more fun!

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    What is Corpus VR?

    Corpus VR provides exercises through a virtual environment in a fun and unique way, adapted from existing exercises and to your abilities. A combination of fun, play and therapy. We guide you in a virtual environment and follow it through a tablet.

    With Corpus VR, we make sure the focus is placed somewhere else, so your attention is no longer on the complaint. This helps for pain relief and reducing movement anxiety. The various VR games will give you more motivation and challenge you to get moving.

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    virutal reality physiotherapy

    What complaints do we treat with Corpus VR?

    Trauma-related complaints (whiplash)
    Movement anxiety
    Nonspecific (chronic) neck pain
    CANS complaints
    SOLK complaints
    JPS /cMCI motor control impairment

    How does it work?

    You put on the (mobile) VR headset and enter a VR game. Through a tablet, your therapist can see everything, select and set your exercises. The games encourage you to move. Corpus VR asks for your pain scores in the interim so we can monitor this. This way, we can track progress.

    Corpus VR is also here for the home. To do this, you download theCorpus VR Personal App, so you can continue working after your consultation. Whether you are at home or at work, in an enjoyable and motivating way you can now do your exercises and be distracted from the pain. All at your own pace! You do need for this: a smartphone and smartphone VR glasses.

    Can I use Corpus VR?

    During the initial consultation, we will determine if Corpus VR can be part of your treatment plan and this will meet your needs.
    If you have any questions about this

    Then contact us!

    Tel. 020 663 50 92

    *Is Corpus VR part of your treatment plan and would you like to learn more about theCorpus VR Personal App? Download the instructions for the Personal App for home users here.

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